Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Review

When making a Disney game, it is important that it captures the essence of the brand that it represents and if there is one thing that Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion does perfectly, it’s just that. Everything from the characters, locations, soundtrack and storyline screams Disney and makes it an enjoyable purchase for any lover of Disney, although there are noticeable flaws.

Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion is a sequel to the classic game Castle of Illusion on the Sega Genesis and of Epic Mickey on the Wii. The game is based around its hero, Mickey Mouse, as he teams up with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Jiminy Cricket to combat the evil witch Mizrabel . Mickey is called back to Wasteland (where he first journeyed in the original Epic Mickey) as Mizrabel has cast an evil spell that has trapped countless Disney heroes in her Castle of Illusions and it’s up to Mickey to use his magic brush to rescue them and save Wasteland.

In terms of game-play, it is a well-made platformer that is faithful to its predecessor on the Sega from many years ago. Fans of that game will notice that there are a lot of similarities between the two games. The way you attack enemies, the way your enemies look and the way Mickey moves immediately reminded me of the original game. Although that game is a few decades old, the similarities work perfectly here and are a nod to fans of Mickey Mouse games. Mickey moves well in this game and the physics are good. Often times when you play a platformer that is not a Mario game, it can be difficult to adjust to the physics, but that is not the case with this game. It is easy to pick up and there are no moments of frustration with unexplainable movements.

The soundtrack in this game is delightful as it properly captures the Disney spirit. There are several sounds that return from Epic Mickey to let you know when you discovered a secret or accomplished a task that show the ties between those two games. Another cool part of the game is the background music, as it sounds as though it could fit directly into a Disney movie. There is very little voice acting in this game, as the script is written in subtitles at the bottom, but every so often Mickey will say a word or two which is a cool touch.

Along the way, you meet and rescue a variety of Disney characters that have all been trapped in Wasteland. This makes for one of the most enjoyable parts of the game as you are always left wondering which classic character you will run into next. I personally could not wait to find Donald Duck and watch him freak out on Mickey. When you rescue them, they are sent back to a fortress where you can interact with them between levels. You can upgrade their rooms and do tasks that will gain you various rewards. This does not add much from a game-play perspective, but it adds some interesting interactions that are a lot of fun to do.

The levels take place in three different Disney movie worlds based on Aladdin, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. The levels are packed with hints of the movies they are based on and act as a colorful background for the player. However, the one issue with the level structure is that you can sometimes be impeded by tedious drawings that slow you down and can be frustrating. In order to pass certain areas, you must use Mickey’s magic brush to either draw items or erase them. At first it seemed like an interesting idea, but there is not a lot of variation and it often interrupts the flow of the game.

The major issue with this game is that it is far too short. It did not take me very long to tear through, find every character and upgrade their rooms. There was not a lot of replay value afterwards either as there were no secret levels or passageways. The game packs a lot of charm, but it was not a very deep experience.

All in all, this is a fantastic Disney title and fans of Mickey Mouse should definitely play this game. Though it’s unfortunate that it was extremely short, this game is still charming enough and has enough Disney lore to satisfy fans of this genre. If you played the original Castle of Illusion or Epic Mickey, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is definitely worth a purchase.

[xrr rating=8.5/10]

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