Dmc Devil May Cry Demo Review

Genre: Action Adventure

Platform: Playstation 3

Developer: Ninja Theory

Publisher: Capcom

Demo Released: November 20th 2012

Full Game Release: January 13th 2013

After months of speculation, rumors, disappointments and trailers we finally have the chance to try first hand the new Capcom action adventure game Dmc Devil May Cry.
The game has been quite controversial among the DMC fanbase for a lot of choices, especially regarding the total redesign of series main characters Dante and Vergil and I won’t deny that I was disappointed as well in the direction this reboot was going: Dante is one of the most iconic characters in recent years, not only for his appearance but also for his witty remarks and over the top behaviour. All this talking about character design choices and the now infamous debate on Ninja Theory’s choice of making the game run at steady 30 FPS really overshadowed the most important aspect of the game: gameplay. After some positive reports from the Tokyo Game Show back in September we can finally decide for ourselves if Dante’s glory days are over or if this could truly be a new beginning.

Getting into the Limbo

The demo is split into two mission, an introductory one with many tutorials that will help players grasp the new gameplay mechanics and another one which features a boss battle. The first mission opens up with a cutscene describing the situation in the demon world, now ruled surveillance cameras, brutal economic conditions and a mind numbing propaganda. After the cutscene, Dante is dragged into the Limbo, a parallel reality between the real and the demon world and it’s here that we will finally get to control our renewed Demon Hunter anti-hero. And the moment I got to control Dante I felt right at home: in the demo we have a button for sword attacks, another to launch enemies in the air and another to use Dante’s guns Ebony and Ivory. The game is not so different from previous Devil May Cry games: I even managed to get a good combo going during the first encounter, using the Rebellion Sword both on the ground and in the air, juggling enemies in the air with guns and so on. Dante’s new style is evidently influenced by Nero’s, one of the two playable characters in Devil May Cry 4: thanks to a grappling hook we can get the enemy close to Dante and keep the combo going.
The grappling hook also comes into play during exploration sequences which I found really engaging: there’s a bit of platforming involved where players are required to find these platforms by using two abilities linked to the grappling hook, one to draw the platform out and the other to get on the platform itself; even though the camera sometimes didn’t help me, we’re far from the worst cameras of the genre.

Do you prefer dying by the Axe of by the Scythe?

During battle two more weapons could be used, the heavy Arbitrator Axe and the Osiris Scythe: to use extra weapons you won’t have to switch them like in past DMC games but simply keep the left or right shoulder buttons pressed together with the attack buttons. The three weapons available have totally different uses so combining them is really fun: the axe has a high attack power but really slow speed, the scythe can be used to juggle enemies even more than with the sword or the guns and has a larger reach.
Devil Trigger comes back and it doesn’t look to do anything different from the past with improved stats and mobility. What I really found cool is the graphical change occurring after the Trigger is activated, making the backgrounds black and white improving the dramatic feeling of the transformation: it’s really a great touch. Boss battles seem to be creative enough, combining regular fighting with the uncovering of the bosses weak points by using the grappling hook’s mechanics: I won’t spoil the boss battle included in the demo but I can assure you that I had as much fun as I did during regular fights.

This Limbo doesn’t look so bad, after all.

Graphics wise I really enjoyed the locations available in the demo: I liked how the town changes while progressing, the details on Dante, the enemies and the city itself. If this level of quality will be consistent throughout the game we’re going to have something really good in our hands. It may take some time to get used to Dante’s new appearance and voice but to be honest I didn’t mind so much because I was really having fun with the combat.
It looks like the game will also have a lot of secrets spread on all levels: I managed to find some lost souls hidden from view which granted me some extra points for customization which obviously is absent in the demo.
And to finally end the 60 fps debate: the game is just fine without them, everything moves fluidly and in the heat of battle you’re not going no notice anyway.

Final Thoughts

I was really curious on how the game would come out, despite all the controversy surrounding it: I must admit I now felt stupid for having all these prejudices on the game. From playing the demo I can tell there was a lot effort and the game will be more than a worthy entry in the franchise: Capcom made a brave choice in rebooting the series and I think it will pay off, given that Devil May Cry 4 was a good game even though somewhat uninspired.
In light of all this I finally decided to preorder the game and if you’re an action game fan you should try the demo if you can: you’ll be pleasantly surprised just like I was.



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