Dishonored – Dunwall City Trials DLC Review

Genre: First Person Action-Adventure

Platform: Playstation 3

Developer: Arkhane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda

Release Date: December 11th, 2012

Even though we’re well into the end of the current console generation, some new IPs have graced our consoles during the end of this year and some have been met with success both on the press and on the market. Dishonored was definitely a really good surprise: its plot was compelling, the setting nicely developed and the gameplay was a great mix of stealth and action, coupled with some light RPG elements. Bethesda considers the game a success for them, as much as stating a few weeks ago that it’s surely going to become a series in the future. While we’re waiting for more games in the franchise, there’s some extra downloadable content to give us some more of the game’s rich gameplay. The Dunwall City Trials DLC doesn’t deliver more story content, just some old fashioned extra gameplay in the city of Dunwall.

These Walls I must climb

The Dunwall City Trials DLC includes a total of 10 challenges and in each one you will be put to test, requiring a good grasp of all the skills included in the main game to complete: there are three combat based challenges, three movement based, two puzzle based and two stealth missions. All the missions will come with a timer which is used to grade your overall performance, ranked in the Online Leaderboards featured in the DLC. It’s a good incentive into replaying the missions if you feel competitive enough.


I feel like the challenges could have been presented differently: most of them are speed based and don’t actually take the best out of the main game, the stealth. Except for this small gripe, the challenges are well thought out, despite the need to finish the trials as soon as possible. During most of the trials you’ll find yourself using all the skills available in the game, allowing you to become even better than before. One of the trials was particularly enjoyable, since it provides a randomly generated sequence every time you’re going to play it, granting a small degree of replayability aside from the “Improve your clear time” incentive. Some of the challenges actually stray a bit far from the main game, like the trails for Bend Time kills where you’re actually awarded for making a messy kill, rather than going stealth, which is the best way to go in the main game. If fighting is your thing, you’ll also be able to fight waves of enemies in the Back Alley Brawl challenge.

Final Thoughts

Having loved Dishonored, I actually enjoyed the extra challenges but I’m not too sure everyone may like them: it’s more Dishonored gameplay, that’s for sure, but they’re somewhat lacking in what makes Dishonored unique, story and stealth gameplay. These may be tiding you over for a bit while waiting for the Story DLC to be released next year but don’t expect to be playing these challenges for a long time, except if you intend to rank good on the leaderboards. Still, given the low price, this Dunwall City Trials DLC may be a nice change of pace.


  • More Dishonored gamplay
  • 10 trials each centering around a gameplay aspect
  • Decent variety
  • Low price


  • No story elements
  • Too many challenges are time based
  • Stealth challenges are too few

[xrr rating=6.5/10]

6.5 out of 10 

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