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Thanks to the nice people over at we had the opportunity to play and review the Arcadie iphone gaming dock by Zeon Tech.  This little machine brings back nostalgic feelings of the 80’s and early 90’s when arcades and stand up machines were still king of the gaming world.  The Arcadie is compatible with the iphone 3gs, 4 and 4s & ipod touch 3rd gen.  With dimensions at about 5.5 inches high, it’s a perfect display item for your desk at work or home office.

Ok, so what is the Arcadie? its a desktop arcade unit for iphone and ipod designed around the old stand up arcade style.  The Arcadie comes with free to download games from the itunes store, and currently there are 5 titles with one on the way. Game titles include: Blasteroids, Alien Invaders, Ping Pong, Planet Defender, Stacker and the yet to be released Invaders! all games seemed to be modeled around classics of the 80’s and 90’s.



  • Reminiscent of the good old arcade days and brought back a nostalgic feeling
  • The games were free and fun to play
  • Its a great novelty item, pretty much everyone in the office came to check it out.  Great conversational piece.
  • Well built hardware, the controllers and the buttons seem like they can take some abuse.
  • Even without batteries the sound amplification technology built into the plastic really increases the volume



  • If you don’t follow the instruction properly the phone will not align itself with the controller properly making it difficult to use.. I had to align it a couple times before I got good controller action.
  • If you thought your iphone screen was already small this thing cuts it in half, we believe the bottom half is used for calibration of the games hence 6 little rubber dots on the inside of the Arcadie console.
  • It only has a five games available.
  • At the price point its a great novelty item but not practical otherwise.
  • As with most things not compatible with the iphone 5 (but lets be serious.. your going to need to buy all new iphone 5 accessories anyhow)


What we would like to see?

I think if we can see more games from the arcadie such as  games from the 80’s like Joust, Qbert, Galaga and even Double Dragon and basically any game that had 2 buttons and a joystick it would be huge plus to this product.  The calibration could probably use a tweak so the joystick moves smoother on first try.


Overall Thoughts?

We all though the Arcadie was a really cool novelty item and many of us spent a good 15-30 minutes talking about its design, games etc.. I think as a novelty item it is a great but it is seriously lacking games so its definitely not for someone who wants a lot of game selection.  Price also came into play at $24.99 its probably a little steep for your every day casual game player on a budget but for someone who wants the nostalgic conversation piece sitting on your office desk we say go for it and hope that a lot more games come to the Arcadie in the future.

[xrr rating=3/5]


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