Tech Review: The XBOX 360 Outside the USA Isn’t Worth It

The XBOX 360 outside the USA is not worth to buy.

Yep, that’s right, and I’m going to prove that fact. Players living outside the USA or the UK should think before they buy this console.

But wait! Stop raging, I don’t want to start a flame war here. The PS3 and the XBOX360 are equally good. The problem is the provider. The monopolist Microsoft is starting to get more and more disgusting when talking about business and cash into their pocket. Since their console is usually bought by players from the USA, they think that caring about other countries is bullshit.

Let’s do a little comparison here, what MS offers to the USA and let’s say a smaller country, like mine, Hungary:

  • Both countries have XBL Gold available. I would’ve ripped my hair apart if I had no Gold here.
  • Both countries have Downloadable games, Arcade games, DLCs and Demoes. But in Hungary, the 1/4 of all are not available.
  • USA has tons of Apps, for YouTube, events, sports, gaming video blogs, etc. In Hungary, we get 4 apps: Internet Explorer, Video Studio, VideoKinect, and DailyMotion. Seriously, Hungary gets DailyMotion, but no YouTube. So let’s just say no.
  • USA gets Zune for Music, Videos, Films, etc. Hungary has nothing like that. Not even a single mosquito fart amount of that.
  • USA gets all the good and cheap Indie Games. I don’t get the fact why Hungary wouldn’t have Indie Games. To not make Indie Games get more cash from more countries? I seriously don’t get it.
  • XBOX Rewards is available to the USA, but of course, not for Hungary. In this year’s August, they’ve asked the users, which country should be the next getting this feature. Hungary had the most votes. Guess what. They’ve done nothing about it!
  • And what about TV providers? I don’t think I should continue this. You already get the point.

The only thing that goes in the opposite way is the advertisement. USA accounts have 1 block of ads showing up on their screen. Hungarians have that too, but only connected to gaming news. I’ve heard a lot of players from USA ranting about the ads, all I can tell them is to shut up and enjoy the features that I cannot.


We, other countries pay the same amount of money (sometimes even more) for the Gold subscription of theirs, but we don’t get all the features we’ve payed for. Why do we have to pay for, then? We only pay for Multiplayer I guess. While the user from the USA watches a Movie with the family, I don’t want to just sit there and play Call of Duty and Battlefield all alone. They could fix all of this ripoff by just sitting in front of their computer and do what they are paid for. To think about the users and not the money… wait… What am I saying? Microsoft is a monopolist company, that won’t happen.

Go get a PC. It has everything you need. Sometimes even more.

Or if you really want to get a console, search for your country in these 2 maps. If you’re grey, that means online gaming is not possible for you, my friend.





If you’re grey on the XBL map and green on the PSN map, go get a PS3. If you’re grey on both, I feel bad for you.


Greg Butcher

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  1. Probably has to do with the local government and copyright laws in your country. Companies like Microsoft/Playstation etc.. need to make sure they comply with all law’s, rules and regulations of the country that they are offering services in.. so I believe unless there is a big enough market to offer those services then they simply wont invest the time or the effort to do it. They are a business and when you have stock holders to please and employees to pay.. it comes down to dollars and cents 🙂

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