Xbox 360 Outsells Wii U in November, Video Game Sales Drop

News was released today that Microsoft managed to sell more Xbox 360’s than Nintendo could sell Wii’s or Wii U’s even though they just launched a new console. Microsoft credits their impressive Black Friday sales as the cause for their higher sales numbers for this month.

However, this statistic should not be over emphasized as Nintendo sold out of their new  console almost instantaneously and would have probably outperformed Microsoft had they been able to bring more consoles to the market on launch day.

Despite the fact that there was a large amount of consoles sold, video game sales continue to drop as the difference of revenue from this November to last November was a drop of 11%. This marked the 12th straight month where game sales declined and this is even though high profile games like Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and New Super Mario Bros. U were released.

However, anticipates that the lack of games sales from November will carry over to a boom of sales in December as the holiday period heats up. This is typically a window where a large amount of games are sold and where a lot of sales are available, so no one in the industry should be overly worried by this statistic. Also, the figures only account for games purchased at a retail store, which means that downloadable, used and rented games are not included.

All in all, despite the negative statistics, there seems to be a lot of promise in the industry as Nintendo has launched a new console and Microsoft and Sony are still coming out with a lot of high quality games on consoles that are late in their life cycle.


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