X-Comm: Enemy Unknown – The Need for Choice and Control in Games

X-comm enemy unknown is competing in a world that is dominated by the first person shooter. With the recent release of Halo 4 and the upcoming smash that will be Call of Duty Black ops 2, Firaxis games has somehow created a successful game that streams far away from the norm, especially when it comes to the consoles. I am a die hard FPS fan and I love my Call of Duty and I am very excited for the upcoming release of Far cry 3. However, I also like to be challenged and have to think about what I am doing when playing video games. Thinking is exactly what X-comm makes you do. Should I move this guy here? Maybe place this guy over there? Do I take the risk taking the shot and missing? Deciding to place your team in vulnerable positions with the risk of losing a soldier that you named after your buddy or girlfriend and one that you personalized and upgraded is a gut wrenching decision. Cursing numerous times as my soldier was hit with a beam of green to never see them again was traumatic and exciting.

Knowing that every decision you make on the field of battle is your own and the life and death of your enemy and allies is in your hands not a script is very exciting. That is just the battles, half of the game. Back at base you literally decide the fate of the world and you can lose. X-com is a highlight for decision making and path altering, which now in a modern AAA title should be a must. Making tough decisions and altering the game in some way through your choices should be a prerequisite for any video game. Call of duty, one of the most liner title ever is even giving the player some control. Open world game like the recent assassin creed allows you to pick a mission at will, grow a homestead and play the way you want. Dishonoreds whole premise is player choice through game style. A linear one note game is no longer acceptable and the grim reviews of Medal of Honor Warfighter proves that.

A modern game should have two key elements. It should have a sizable game play space if not completely open world. No linear levels with no option but to go to exact way the game wants. I should be able to beat a level one way and my buddy beat it a compelled different way. Also, a game must have choices. The game should in some way make you make a very important decision, often one of life or death, that will effect the outcome of the game. In Xcomm your decision result in which countries you save among numerous other things, while in dishonored you can play the whole game without killing anybody. The traditional RPG element of conversation variety steering you in one direction or another is an element I want in all games as well. Choice and variety is a must, linear game play is not acceptable and deciding how I am going to breach a room does not cut it.

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