World Of Warcraft Action Figures – Blizzard vs Ebay

Action figures for video games, movies and tv are becoming pretty main stream these days especially the collectible and highly detailed limited edition and deluxe variations.  these figures on the high end can become quite detailed and in deluxe and limited edition runs can be quite hard to come by and sell out very quickly.  Being a collector of these figures myself (and a somewhat poor video game blog writer)  it is pretty common practice to “double check” ebay to see if I can get something cheaper.  To my surprise today while surfing around the blizzard online store I found that pretty much everything in their store was selling for less then half the ebay price and even on special!.


the first figure I checked was a highly detailed and limited edition Pandaren Brewmaster Deluxe Figure.  The description even lists it as “Pandaren Brewmaster Action Figure is a limited edition opportunity and is subject to a first-come, first-serve basis for distribution.” and on special right now for $45.00 (I guess its not limited enough if they still have that many it needs to have a price adjustment.. lol).   But to my amazement looking on ebay these figures go for no less then $94.00 + $30 for shipping.  This leads me to wonder if Ebay sellers are just fishing and hoping for the best price? or Blizzard came into a new stock of these figures and are dumping them.


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