Wild New Pokemon 3DS XL Appeared!

Wild New Pokemon 3DS XL Appeared!

In its short lifetime, the 3DS has already seen many awesome special editions. Super Mario, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3DS XLs are headed to Japan, and Pikachu has shown his adorable face on his own limited edition of the system. The Pokemon trend continues – check out this sweet new Charizard design! (Click for full-size).

The coolest part about this is, when the 3DS is opened all the way, the images on the front and back of the system merge to create one big image of Charizard breathing fire.

Here’s the bad news. Not only will Japan be hogging this one for themselves as well, its even harder to get than the others because its not available for direct purchase.

You’ll have to get lucky in a lottery held by the Pokemon Center store in Japan, held from November 3rd to 26th. Lottery winners are then able to purchase the console between December 15th and January 14th if they placed a reservation.

Still, at least the Pikachu 3DS will soon be available in Europe later this year, if any British readers want their hands on the little guy while enjoying some portable fun.

[Source: Siliconera via Official Nintendo Magazine UK]

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