WiiU Launch Titles

  • After months of rumors and intrigue the Wii U can finally be brought home tomorrow. The system seems impressive, with full HD capacity and an innovative GamePad which allows the player more control of how they get to play games. However, a system is only as good as its games (i.e. PS VITA), so let’s take a look at the games you can buy with your new Wii U tomorrow:

1. Assassin’s Creed III
2. Batman : Arkham City Armored Edition
3. Call of Duty : Black Ops II
4. Darksiders II
5. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
6. FIFA 13
7. ESPN Sports Connection
8. Game Party Champions
9. Just Dance 4
10. New Super Mario Bros. U
11. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
12. Nintendo Land
13. Rabbids Land
14. Scribblenauts Unlimited
15. Sing Party
16. Skylanders Giants
17. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
18. Tank! Tank! Tank!
19. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition
20. Transformers Prime
21. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
22. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
23. Wipeout: The Hame 3
24. ZombiU

Some of these titles are remakes while others are brand new titles made specifically for WiiU. I would imagine hardcore gamers are not lining up to play Sing Party and Just Dance 4, so let’s look at the titles (that are new and not ports) that you should consider pairing with your WiiU tomorrow:
1. ZombiU: This game looks like it may be a system seller for the WiiU system and I can definitely say that it is one of the reasons I’ve wanted this system since E3. The premise of the game is not a new one, but the way it goes about accomplishing it is what makes it so promising. The problem with zombie games is that often times it doesn’t achieve the feeling that you’re actually taking part in a zombie apocalypse. In the back of your mind you know that if you’re suddenly overrun by zombies, you can always reload your file. Not in this game, because if you’re looking in your backpack (on your GamePad) nonchalantly and you’re suddenly killed by zombies, you lose that character and have to respawn as a new character with no supplies back in camp. You can always track down your old character and try to reclaim your supplies, but odds are that the area is overrun by zombies. This added premise should have players feeling extremely vigilant and nervous as if they were actually out in a zombie apocalypse.

2. New Super Marios Bros. U: Anytime a new Mario game comes out (unless it’s Mario’s Time Machine, the worst SNES game ever), it’s going to be highly anticipated and the anticipation only builds due to the fact that its Mario’s first appearance in HD. They’ve added some cool features (like the various challenge modes) and promise a map more like Super Mario World (Thank God). If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’re most probably a Mario fan and this definitely looks like a game you should pick up on day one.

3. Scribblenauts Unlimited: This franchise was made popular on the Nintendo DS and is still one of the most creative puzzle games ever created. This game can only stand to improve from a console version as the game should have more depth, more immersive puzzles and a larger word bank of items that you can summon to your aid. The appearance of Nintendo characters can only enhance the experience because asking Mario to help you clear a crossing makes perfect sense. The only worry for this game is that it may not be worth the price of a console game, but I’m guessing there will be plenty to do in this game and that it will surprise many users.

These are the games I’m most excited about, which ones are you planning to buy with your WiiU tomorrow?

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