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Nintendo’s next generation video game console, Wii U, is set to be released here in the U.S. on November 18th. Alot has been talked about with this next console, ranging from it’s possible success to it’s possible failure. I was lucky enough to be able to play the Wii U and demo a bunch of the games coming out for it and let me tell you this, Nintendo is brilliant.



Getting time to play on the Wii U is kinda a big deal. So many people wanted to try it and amazingly everyone enjoyed it. I waited until everyone else was done playing it so that I could get a longer chance to try it out. Simply put, it’s amazing! The GamePad controller is not very heavy and it’s very easy to hold. The GamePad is well designed, you don’t have to hold your hands weirdly in order to control all the buttons on it.

It’s amazing how the GamePad touch screen works. I thought I would have trouble getting it to respond to my touch, making my gameplay a little harder. Amazingly, it works extremely well. Each time you needed to use the GamePad, it responded with the first touch. It was very fun to use the GamePad when holding it towards the TV screen. For example, when playing Rayman Legends there’s a point in the demo in which you need to spin a table. By holding the GamePad up towards the TV and moving it in the direction you want the table to turn, it works so amazingly. It really was so easy to turn it in the direction I wanted, it really impressed me. The Wii always had moments where the motion controls didn’t work properly and it was annoying. The GamePad on Wii U seems to work perfectly.

The games on Wii U are also extremely impressive. I was able to try out Rayman Legends, Super Mario Bros Wii U, Mass Effect 3, and NintendoLand. Each game was extremely impressive and performed extremely well with the GamePad. The graphics are amazing! It looks even better than Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. The graphics are clean, crisp and the details in the environments is awesome.

Mass Effect 3 played much better on Wii U than it did on PS3 or 360, trust me I’ve played all the versions of the Mass Effect games. The graphics were much more polished, it ran the game at a much better rate and the GamePad controller was great in it. It’s so much easier to choose a different weapon or choose a power to use on the GamePad, rather than freeze the game and pull it from the bar that would appear. I’m curious the see how the full game will go, considering this will be the first Mass Effect game released for a Nintendo console and none of the other games are available. The graphics on every game is very impressive, Mass Effect 3 showed the best of Wii U’s graphics capabilities.

Nintendo’s Wii U is amazing, flat out amazing. No other word described it. I spent enough time to play a few of the games and I’m completely impressed. When the Wii was released, I was impressed with it’s motion control gameplay. Wii U has taken it to a new level, bringing high quality games to the new system. Nintendo is hoping that the Wii U will have more “hardcore” gamers come back to them and to be honest, it’s going to work. Each game has some added feature that makes the Wii U even better and the fact that you can play any of the Wii U games on the GamePad itself is amazing. If you were thinking about getting a Wii U but weren’t sure before, you need to buy it. Nintendo has certainly earned the attention the console is getting, this console is going to be around for a long time.

PROS: Wii U is an amazing piece of hardware, one that will have it last much longer than the Wii did. The graphics are stunning, gameplay is amazing and the GamePad couldn’t be cooler.

CONS: The fact that the Wii U doesn’t play DVD’s is kinda a negative. While the console does have Hulu Plus, Netflix and many other options for playing videos, don’t expect it to play your favorite movie off DVD’s.

Star Rating: 10/10.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. It doesn’t play DVD or Blu-ray because that way Nintendo doesn’t have to pay licensing fees. They just use their proprietary format. It was the same way with the Wii and GameCube.

  2. Nintendo uses a different format on their game discs, they’ve been doing that for some time now. The GamePad on Wii U has Hulu Plus, Netflix and other video apps to watch videos on the Wii U. Nintendo has changed the format for Wii U games from Wii games. It uses a specially designed disc that can handle a large amount of information but it’s not a standard DVD or Blu-Ray.

  3. True but Nintendo is also gearing the Wii U mainy for video streaming. Hulu, Netflix and DVR streaming are the focus with Wii U’s video playing

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