Wii U Launches in Europe, Did They Have The Same Success as in North America?

Wii U has already launched in North America to strong reviews and good sales, but it will start to slowly launch worldwide. Japanese fans will have to wait until December 7th, but European consumers now have the ability to pick up the system. Early figures for Nintendo are extremely promising as they have completely sold out of Wii U consoles in the U.K. as they have quickly sold 40,000 units.

According to reports from MCV, they have a strong software attach ratio as they have sold 2 games for every system and that more consoles will slowly emerge from now until the new year. If they would have been able to bring more consoles to the market, there is a strong chance they would have been able to sell even more units.

This is all good news for Nintendo as there seems to be a really high demand for the new console while there are still a lot of Wii’s and 3DS’s being sold at the same time. They currently have 4 gaming devices going strong as games are being released for the Wii U, the Wii, The Nintendo DS and the 3DS.

However, Nintendo should have been more prepared for launch. So far, in every country the console has launched in, there has been a tremendous response, but a shortages of systems. A lot of fans are not able to get the system and may inevitably lose interest. The demand was there, just Nintendo was not able to adequately supply it and they should figure out a way to cash in on the current wave of interest in the Wii U.

Have you been lucky enough to get a Wii U yet?


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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