Wii U Games Use A New, Unusual Disc Format

Engadget has noticed something very peculiar about Wii U discs, that may separate them from any other DVD or video game disc you may have seen. While you may have seen images of the discs by now, there’s something you won’t have picked up on without a closer look.

Unlike the sharp-edged discs we’re accustomed to, Nintendo’s latest disc format has rounded edges that, according to Engadget, “feels different than any other disc”. They add that “it’s as if the folks at Nintendo took sandpaper to every edge of every disc, making them all the more friendly to the touch”.

See for yourself below in the provided screenshot:

Take a very, very close look at the roundedged Wii U proprietary discs

Very intriguing, I’m now very eager to get my hands on a Wii U game for reasons other than slamming it into the console in sheer excitement.

As Nintendo have announced before, Wii U discs have a capacity of 25GB, equating to Sony’s single-layer Blu-ray discs.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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