Wii Mini Available For Canada

The rumors appear to be right. The Wii mini is real and will be available soon. Best Buy Canada appeared to have outed the unconfirmed Wii MiNi. The ad at bestbuy.ca shows a picture of a red and black Wii Mini with information to pre-order as the system will launch December 7th. The image as seen here. Shows a squared shaped Wii in a red and black colors. Although the image is present and the picture says to pre-order, the link does not produce anything relevant to the Wii Mini. Clicking on the link takes you to Skylanders Giant Starter Pack. Nintendo has not confirmed anything.(update below)

Another Canadian retailer Future Shop, does have the Wii Mini available with more information, including a price. The same picture as Best Buy is present and when you click the Wii consoles options, the red and black Wii Mini is present above the Nintendo Wii Super Mario Bros. Bundle. Listed beside the Wii Mini is the price, $99.99.

While writing this article updates have occurred on the Wii Mini, as is often the case for the past paced video game world. Nintendo has now confirmed that the Wii Mini will be available December 7th, only in Canada. The Wii Mini will not have any internet connection and will not be available to play GameCube games and will be $99.99.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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