Wii Games Look Better When Played On Wii U

After some not so good  reports like the MiiVerse hacking issue and the System Update potentially bricking consoles if aborted midway, it’s time for some unexpected good news. If you still have some Wii games left to play you’ll be happy to know that Wii games look significantly better when played on WII U.

Before the console’s release, Nintendo stated that WII games wouldn’t get any advantage from the WII U increased power and that games would look exactly as they did before. It appears this is not the case, thanks to a NeoGaf forums member who reported that , while games aren’t displayed in native 1080p resolution, they are upscaled and look quite a bit better than they did before. The tested games were some of the best looking WII games, Resident Evil 4. Xenoblade and Super Mario Galaxy: as can be seen from the picture below, Super Mario Galaxy looks a lot cleaner than before with rough edges smoothed out and probably some more blur added in.

This is definitely a really nice surprise which really adds to the whole value of the console: Wii’s backwards compatibility didn’t bring any improvement for Gamecube’s games since the hardware was almost the same. Some WII games really suffered from the sub-HD quality graphics of the original Wii so it’s really great that Nintendo used the extra power to actually do something, extending the potential sales of some of these old games even further.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. The bricking aparently only happens when you turn off your Wii U during the upgrade.

    According to Nintendo it may look like the system upgrade process is stalled or hung but it is NOT and may take upwards of an hour or more to complete.

    users are advised not to turn off their WiiU during the upgrade process or risk damaging the system.

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