What I’ve Been Playing: 09/10/12

This is a new weekly segment I will be doing every Monday telling what game I’ve been playing for the last week. No, this is neither a review nor something formal but instead a look into what I play for fun when I’m not busy bringing you the news, reviews, and more you come to expect from Gamer Syndrome.

Final Fantasy baby!

If you didn’t figure it out from my recent article about Final Fantasy VII, I am a HUGE FF fan and honestly so should you! But that’s a story for another time. For now, I want to talk about Final Fantasy III. For you old-school SNES fans out there, no I am not talking about Terra and company but the four orphans and their quest to save crystals and ultimately, the world. I’m playing it on the Nintendo DS remake, but you can enjoy this classic remade for iOS, Android, and PSP as well. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if you haven’t played it yet as it was the last FF game to be released in North America and Square Enix took their sweet time, finally releasing it in 2006. A word of warning, don’t go into this game expecting the mechanics and visuals you’ve come to know from recent FF games as this is a true JRPG in all respects.

However, for the remake you will find revamped sprites now in 3D and a whole other number of changes. The job system is still there in all its class-switching glory. Basically, you can change your jobs or classes on the fly, going from Mage to Warrior depending on what you may need the abilities of at that time. You can’t change during the middle of battle though so don’t go expecting that.

More grinding here than at my senior prom.

Now that you’ve got some background on this classic, I’m going to go into the most important part, why I’m playing it. I’m an RPG fan, to be more specific a JRPG fan and a FF fanatic so that’s why I got the game but why I’ve clocked in over 10 hours already is for more reasons than just that. The turn-based battle system is just the perfect speed to think moves through and still have a challenge. I enjoy the boss fights as they showcase just how much strategy and time you need to put in this game to succeed. Grinding can be quite repetitive but hey I love seeing those stats go up and nothing’s better than defeating a boss that kicked your booty a couple hours ago! I enjoy the simplistic story of 4 orphans that come together to save the world and along the way, meet some fine guest characters. I always have my 3DS charged so that when I’m not home, I have a great and truly deep game to play. Actually, even when I am home I sometimes find myself delving into this large world. I can’t wait to get back there! A crystal is need of saving so I’ll wrap this up now.

Should you get it?
If you love RPG’s or just looking for something deeper than Angry Birds to play on the go, get this! If you don’t like old-school grinding, random encounters, and story then maybe you should look elsewhere. Also, if you haven’t got this game yet and are looking into the Ouya, you might want to wait until that console releases because Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy III will be a launch title.

If you’re playing FFIII right now and need a little help/walkthrough or just have something to say, comment below! Have a great week and check back next Monday when I share what new game I’ve been playing then!

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