Ubisoft Recruiting the Once Epics Bleszinski?

Is Ubisoft, the creators of the recent hit Assassins Creed 3 courting the former Epic Games developer? Cliff Bleszinski, who left Epic Games with claiming the need for a much needed break, recently posted on his twitter account that Ubisoft had sent him a phone with one number programmed into it and with the Ubisoft logo on it. It is unknown if Bleszinski has a preference or if he even called the number. However, what is known is that Bleszinski has been a hot free agent since leaving Epic. Bleszinski has been twitting his visits to Activision, Zynga, Double Fine, and Electronic Arts keeping his fans in the loop while also increasing his stock to the many companies battling for his expertise. Cliff Bleszinski is known for his work on the critically acclaimed Gears of War series and his development of the influential Unreal Tournament franchise. Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games in early October of 2012 and it appears that the month or so break will be ending with a company adding a huge piece to there development team. If the rumors are true, it looks like Ubisoft and the Assassins creed series could have a very different look to them in the future with a Gears of War and Unreal touch.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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