Top 7 Evil Clones

You know these guys: imposters, rivals, and doppelgängers to protagonists in video games. They look like the hero, but with a darker appearance to show just how evil they are. They have all your skills, know everything about you and can anticipate your next move. Sometimes, the hardest and most difficult battles are against yourself.

The following list comprises characters that steal identity for personal gain, embody a protagonist’s dark side or set to prove that, despite similarities, they are the superior version. Some shadows choose not to follow in the footsteps of their other half, and so here are the greatest evil video game clones!

7: Nega Scott

First appearance: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game (2010)

Scott Pilgrim’s alter ego and dark side, Nega Scott, is the physical manifestation of Scott’s forgotten past. Not evil enough for you? How about he’s the boss of the zombie-infested forest that is World 6, where you will duel with him in front of an eerie crypt and surrounded by endless headstones.

Nega Scott is a playable character. Its a challenge to unlock him having to complete the game with all four main characters, but this game is so fun its not at all an issue. Not to mention its worth it to play through the game as this bad-ass.

Oh, and his theme song kicks ass.

6: Dark Link

First appearance: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Dark Link has made many appearances in The Legend of Zelda series, mimicking all of Link’s attacks and ultimately serving as his equal in combat. He was the final boss in Zelda II and fights in a group of four Dark Links in Four Swords and Oracle of Ages, but his most memorable appearance has to be of that in Ocarina of Time.

The mini-boss of the Water Temple and protector of the Longshot item, a shadowy figure resembling our hero emerges in a strange illusionary room flooded with water with a single tree in the centre. One of the hardest but most engaging boss fights in the game, his mimicry of your moveset makes him difficult to outsmart. Every swipe of your sword is met with a clang as the foe swipes at the very time, and careless attacks will cause him to jump on top of your blade and taunt you.

5: Gengar

First appearance: Pokemon Red and Blue (1996)

Didn’t expect this, huh? That’s right, Gengar is in fact a shadow character – it is known as the “Shadow Pokémon”, but this is more than a simple description. Gengar is the shadow of another Pokemon.

Look at the image below and it all makes sense.

Not convinced? How about this: Clefable is normal-type and Gengar is ghost-type, so they are immune to each other. You can’t touch your own shadow. Also, “Gengar” is short for “doppelgänger”.

4: Brownie

First appearance: Super Meat Boy (2010)

Brownie is the boss of the Salt Factory world in Super Meat Boy, a brown version of the meaty mascot with eerie yellow eyes. As well as his physique, Brownie also possesses Meat Boy’s speed, sliding and jumping skills. He’s also comprised entirely of faecal matter. Nice.

He is the only boss in the game that you don’t directly fight against. Instead, in a deadly test of rivalry, you must race Brownie upwards through a level with a rising mass of salt, which (like almost everything in the game) is an instant kill.

Upon conquering the level, Brownie is seen in the cutscene clinging on to a ledge for dear life. Meat Boy grabs hold to save him, the pair momentarily new friends. However, Dr. Fetus pelts his creation with bricks, causing him to fall into the salt to his death. Or has he?

Not only is Brownie seemingly invincible, he even redeems himself from villain to hero. At the ending scene (spoilers ahead... if you care that much about the story), Brownie returns the favour by saving Meat Boy’s life, stopping a boulder that would have otherwise crushed him. He is believed to die again, going down with the exploding castle, but is later seen rising from his grave in the end credits. Brownie is a playable character via a code in the character select screen too, and controls just like Meat Boy. While he may be a pile of crap in the literal sense, metaphorically he’s quite the opposite.

3: Shadow Mario

First appearance: Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Poor Mario. He’s had more than enough antagonists to deal with: Bowser, the eight Koopalings, Wario, Cackletta, Count Bleck, Wart, and even Donkey Kong. The guy can’t even catch a break on his goddamn vacation, because a mysterious figure posing as himself is causing havoc on Isle Delfino, spreading graffiti and causing pollution. Upon his arrival, Mario is thrust into prison and then forced to clean up the city.

Wielding his Magic Paintbrush, Shadow Mario can magically create endless amounts of paint that summons enemies and the toxicity can hurt Mario if he touches it. It is revealed soon enough that Shadow Mario is in fact Bowser Jr. in disguise, attempting to frame Mario and continue his father’s relentless mission to kidnap Princess Peach.

Not yet fulfilled in his pursuit to ruin Mario’s life, Shadow Mario will continue his torment on the 7th Episode of each world, where you must chase with him and spray him with F.L.U.D.D. until he gives up a Shine Sprite. He will also steal your F.L.U.D.D. device  in secret areas, leaving you with your jumping and platforming skills alone.

2: Liquid Snake

First appearance: Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Perhaps the truest form of clone on this list, Liquid Snake is literally a genetic copy of MGS protagonist Solid Snake. Unlike his twin brother, who is determined to save the world from nuclear warheads, Liquid desires nothing more than to send it into chaos by launching a worldwide terrorist attack.

The greatest aspect of Liquid is his refusal to die, which is on par with the Terminator and RE’s Nemesis. Snake and Gray Fox will battle a huge, mechanical nuclear-armed death machine operated by Liquid, but he won’t stop there. Overcoming Liquid again in a conclusive fist-fight atop the downed Metal Gear Rex, Snake will knock Liquid plummeting down to what we’d assume to be his death. But still the villain torments our hero, chasing him relentlessly in a vehicle to prevent his escape.

After a robotic ninja, missiles, CQC combat, a thousand foot fall and machine gun fire fails to kill the man, its the FOXDIE virus that Liquid’s life succumbs to. But, surprise surprise, just because he’s dead doesn’t stop him from coming back. Now that’s arrogance.

After Revolver Ocelot has Liquid’s arm transplanted onto himself, Liquid’s personality took over Ocelot’s mind who ultimately becomes Liquid Ocelot, a villain who continues to pursue his twin brother long into Metal Gear Solid 4. Now there’s some family issues that no amateur counsellor would willingly attempt to resolve.

1: Mr. Scratch

First appearance: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (2012)

Welcome to not only the best shadow character on this list, but one of the greatest villains this generation. Mr. Scratch looks and sounds like “champion of light” Alan Wake, which is already a plus given that model actor Ilkka Villi and voice actor Matthew Porretta collaborate superbly to create Alan and Scratch. Behind that snappy-dressed, deceptive exterior, however, lies the heart of true evil.

Mr. Scratch is many things. His charming, witty and seductive attributes trick his victims, giving him the opportunity to torture and kill them, unveiling his evil, greedy and horrifying intentions. He is the embodiment of all of Alan’s darker memories and despair, created by the rumours and stories that writer critics made up over the years.

Mr. Scratch seperates Alan from reality and traps him in the Dark Place dimension, where throughout he constantly appears on TV screens to torment him. He constantly threatens and boasts about how he will soon take the place of Alan Wake in the real world, taking his life, friends and worst of all, his wife Alice. All this, of course, while he’s calmly cutting the throat of a tied-up victim in his room. He claims to be everything that Alan is too scared to be, and is better at living Alan’s life than even Alan himself is.

As briliantly evil as Mr. Scratch is, his hilarious lines of dialogue and that irresistable grin make him strangely lovable. The scariest thing about this character, as evidenced in the video below, is that he’s in fact very real. What other villains do you know that respond to his game reviewers and openly makes fun of the original game’s most iconic line?


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