Tons of Animal Crossing: New Leaf Footage and Screenshots

Tons of Animal Crossing: New Leaf Footage and Screenshots

The Nintendo 3DS Blog has just updated with loads of new screenshots and videos of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The screenshots show a variety of brand new shirts and headwear, including a frog suit, fish bowl, a freaky tribal/animal mask, and a Santa costume (sack included!).

There are some other notable things in the images. Fish that you catch seem much more detailed than before, and it seems that you can now catch them by hand as you’re swimming as well as via fishing rod. There is also what appears to be a climbing frame, suggesting we’ll see some playground/park features. Slides and swings? My dreams may be coming true.

Catch all the new screenshots here.

As for the videos, you can watch the singing pooch K. K. Slider perform “K. K. Rider!” and “K. K. Bossa”. The island that Kapp’n takes you to home to mini-games, a first for the series. In one, you compete to pop as many balloons as you can with your catapult, another sees four players bopping each other with hammers, compete to catch bugs, dig for valuables, among others. Oh, and one video shows Resetti getting mad, as he does. We know you’ve missed him.

Earlier today we reported that Nintendo had hidden a secret song in the game that fans may recognise. Read about it here.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out now in Japan, and is coming to North America in the first or second fiscal quarter of 2013. Sadly, there is no word on a European release just yet.

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