Is the Microsoft Surface for Gamers?


It’s been almost a month since the Microsoft Surface hit stores. In case you haven’t heard, the Surface is Microsoft’s nosedive into the already crowded tablet market. With tablets getting so much attention these days, Microsoft decided that it was about time they got a piece of the action. The Microsoft Surface has been getting decent reviews, and it’s likely that you’ve seen it and have held off on buying it. It’s clear that the Surface is at the very least, a decent tablet, so we don’t need to worry about that little bit. Since you are on GamerSyndrome, a site for gamers, anyone reading this has probably one question on their mind: how are the games?

Software-wise, there isn’t much in the way of gaming for the Surface. Just so you know, the Microsoft Surface cannot run standard Windows programs. If you buy it expecting a mobile gaming device, you’re going to be disappointed… for a while, at least. The Surface has a lot of potential for games. It will be able to run the Unreal Engine 3. The Surface will also let you use your wireless Xbox 360 controller, once and for all solving the headache of using a touchscreen as a game controller. Anyone who’s ever tried to play a game with a touchscreen alone know how big of an edge this could potentially give Microsoft.

The Microsoft Surface may be great for gamers… just not today. Right now it just doesn’t have a decent game library. Come back in a year or so and it will probably be a different case. And who knows? Maybe by then they’ll be a price drop and you’ll thank me for telling you to wait.


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