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There are many iPhone games that I have played so far, but none of them are more addicting than this, Game Dev Story. Game Dev Story is pretty expensive when compared to other great games such as Angry Birds, at about $3.00, but the game definitely deserves that price-tag.

Game Dev Story puts the player into the shoes of a game developer who has to control staff in order to make the perfect games and earn money for the company that you own. The game might sound boring right now, but I believe the first time I played it, I played for about 3 hours straight, which is definitely a good trait. The game really gives you control over the employees and the company. You can name your company whatever name you want, and hire different employees. You then start working on your games, which you can also dictate by choosing the genre and how fast the game is released. After you finish developing a game, you send out press releases where the press review the game on a scale of 1-10. The reviews of the game generally affect the sales of the game. The week sales come in, your game is ranked according to how much the game sells compared to other popular games. As you hire more employees and progress in the game, you can choose to buy bigger complexes and build better games faster.


The game features cool 8 and 16 bit music which really adds to the experience. The game also progresses through different time periods, with the N64 up to the Xbox 360. The game’s graphics aren’t great either, but it is built that way. The game includes cool 8-bit graphics that also match up with the theme of the game. While I was testing it out, I did not experience any huge glitches at all, which is definitely another plus for the great game.

In conclusion, Game Dev Story is a game that will answer the questions of “do I want to make video games for a living.” I definitely don’t, but it is still a great game that is worth the $3.00 on the App Store.

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