TF2 Mann vs. Machine Guide: Medic

Playing as the Medic in Mann vs. Machine is odd as it quickly becomes apparent that the standard load out for the class is less useful than the unlockable weapons. This is especially the case for the medigun. Due to the tower defense aspects of the game play, survival isn’t the priority of the game at all, but doing damage in a defensive manner. For this reason the UberCharge, while useful is worse for MvM than another medigun. Both the Kritzkreig and the Quickfix have a faster heal rate than the standard medigun, and the kritzkreig’s crits are extremely helpful against the enemy machines. This isn’t to say that you should play Medic in MvM if you don’t have a better medigun, but if you do then use it.

Another strategy that you should be aware of while playing as Medic is who you should be healing. The usual, almost cliché choice of the Heavy might not be the best choice depending on the oncoming wave. In the first few waves you’ll want to heal someone who can do some damage to a lot of people quickly, so the Pyro would be a better choice. Against giants, someone doing a lot of accurate damage is best, like the Soldier or maybe the Sniper. Obviously this kind of thinking becomes more complicated.

A great benefit to playing as Medic is starting out with the passive regenerative health. As this is an upgrade I would normally buy anyways, it nice having this from the beginning to save some money. When buying upgrades you’ll want to fully round out the medigun. Try and buy more upgrades rather than the more expensive better ones. All of the upgrades for the medigun have weird prices, so you’ll want to watch your math to be able to get the most before each round.

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  1. While I agree with most of what you say, there’s just one thing I’d like to point out. The only reason you should be focus healing a Pyro is because either they’re dying, or you’re giving them overheal, not because they do damage.

    Pyros should never, ever, EVER, upgrade damage on their Flamethrower. The reason Pyros are useful in MvM is due to their ability to airblast and either reset or stall the bomb – therefore, they should be adding airblast force/resistances/uber canteens/speed to help them survive as long as possible. If you upgrade everything the right way, you’ll have no excess money for +damage on your flamethrower.

    Like my friends and I say, a Pyro can easily decide the outcome of a mission, and unlike some other classes, there really is no wiggle room in what a Pyro should be doing.

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