Team Ninja asks for fans’ help to rebalance Dead Or Alive 5

If you’re a fan of fighting games you surely have encountered balancing problems in the character roster of any game and sometimes, when re-balancing occurs, once broken characters become so weak that they’re useless in competitive gaming.
The same probably won’t occur in Dead Or Alive 5 according to Team Ninja. The team is hard at work to rebelance their latest fighting game and it’s gonna be quite an accurate job.

According to the latest tweets from Team Ninja, they’re going to boost strength stats for the weaker characters in the game to ensure more fair fights: they still haven’t decided precisely what to do but have assured that no character will suffer huge penalties.
Team Ninja will also avoid making to many changes that could impact each character’s individuality, it’s mostly gonna be a stats tweaking effort.
The good news don’t end here: knowing how dedicated but demanding the fighting games community is, they’ll ask gamers for feedback.
Starting soon they’ll be asking some questions through their official Twitter account and players will be able to answer by using the hashtag #DOA5_balance and once feedback has been collected they’ll announce the contents and released date for the balancing.

Dead Or Alive 5, the latest entry of the long running Dead or Alive series, has been released this September on Xbox 360 and Ps3.



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