Super Mario Galaxy Now the Highest Rated Game of All Time

The Wii platformer hit Super Mario Galaxy has now overtaken Ocarina of Time as the highest rated game on Game Rankings.

Mario sits proudly at the top with a 97.63% average review rating, just barely beating Link by a marginal 0.01%. Sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 sits in 3rd place with 97.35%.

I’m rather pleased at this, as I agree that Galaxy is one of the greatest Mario games ever. I am surprised, though, that the number one spot wasn’t given to Galaxy 2, which is even better.

Check out the top rated games here. I never knew the original SoulCalibur was so highly regarded. What do you think? Do you think the moustachioed plumber deserves to be a number one? Is your favourite game listed?

[Source: Game Rankings via MyNintendoNews]

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