A Look Into Street Fighter x Mega Man

Yesterday was a special day. Capcom decided to stream part of this wonderful game that is coming out. One that may just be a revival of sorts for the iconic gaming character known as “Mega Man”. Not only does it accomplish that, but it also means the end of the Street Fighter 25th anniversary. This was done to send that one off with style, and start MM25 with a bang.

Those who missed the stream can see it here. It’s about an hours worth of footage, and I’m quite impressed. It effectively shows love for both franchises, while trying new things that have not been seen before in classic Mega Man titles. Each level is cleverly designed with all the Street Fighters, or excuse me, “World Warriors” in mind. Each stage is exactly how you would picture it, 8-bit style. Lots of love was put into making this.

The game will be free on Dec. 17th via the Capcom Mega Man page. As a personal huge Mega Man fan myself, I can promise that this will be a game you will not want to miss. Boss fights in particular are where you really see the love for the two franchises shine. Boss music from Street Fighter and the moves used also taken from the franchise. They even have a second bar, which fills up as you hit the bosses. When full, they will unleash a Ultra Combo on you. It’s amazing to see both the 8-bit Street Fighter sprites doing what they do, but also seeing Mega Man use their powers after getting them. Those missing the ability to slide or use charge shots after playing downloadable titles 9 and 10 respectively, will find those that Mega Man now has those features back.

While Street Fighter fans may get a kick out of this, the real treat is for the Mega Man fans. This game will effectively trigger both nostalgia while also delivering a brand new experience, if for no other reason because this game is in part, fan-made. The “Blue Bomber” is back. If this is any indication of the future for Mega Man, it should be a good one.

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