Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Special & Secret Portal locations

During travels through different worlds the player may encounter portals that allow you to do a mission in order to get some items in order to create dream eaters. These missions come with a bonus condition of either

  • Don’t use any ‘X’ attacks
  • Use three flowmotion attacks
  • Defeat all enemies in 20 seconds
  • Counter three enemy attacks

Completing these bonus conditions gets you one of 13 items you can feed your dream eater; which will be covered in the disposition guide, where dream pieces are located will be covered in that guide and Dream Eater Recipes will be covered in that guide.

However during their travels; the player may discover a portal of a different colour; which is a special portal. These portals appear in every world where there are 6 in all worlds; expect the world that never was where there are three. They cycle through each time you drop; so you can only do a maximum of 7 special missions for each drop you go through (one for each world).

Sometimes when you complete these missions you get a recipe for a new Dream Eater and if you complete them all; the player gets the ‘End of Pain’ Keyblade.

Secret missions are slightly different; they are only accessed once the player has completed the game and are fights with the bosses found throughout the worlds but at a higher difficulty. These can be done at any time once the game is completed and can be redone many times; however you only get one reward for completing them the first time; which is a boost in the characters HP. Sora has 6 secret missions whereas Riku has 5; with ‘the world that never was’ not receiving one and Riku not having one in Symphony of Sorcery. For completing all missions the player gets the ‘Unbound’ Keyblade.


Here are the locations of all the special and secret missions for both characters

Sora’s Portals

Riku’s Portals

Traverse Town

Special Portal 1 – Post OfficeSpecial Portal 2 – 4th DistrictSpecial Portal 3 – Botanical Garden

Special Portal 4 – 2nd District

Special Portal 5 – 5th District

Special Portal 6 – Fountain Square

Secret Portal – 5th District

Special Portal 1 – Fountain SquareSpecial Portal 2 – 2nd DistrictSpecial Portal 3 – 4th District

Special Portal 4 – 1st District

Special Portal 5 – Botanical Garden

Special Portal 6 – Alley

Secret Portal – Botanical Garden

La Cité des Cloches

Special Portal 1 – CatacombsSpecial Portal 2 – TownSpecial Portal 3 – Town

Special Portal 4 – Court of Miracles

Special Portal 5 – Chapel

Special Portal 6 – Cathedral Square (Above)

Secret Portal – Cathedral Square

Special Portal 1 – WindmillSpecial Portal 2 – TownSpecial Portal 3 – Outskirts

Special Portal 4 – Cathedral Square

Special Portal 5 – Outskirts

Special Portal 6 – Chapel

Secret Portal – Cathedral Square (Above)

The Grid

Special Portal 1 – Rectifier 1FSpecial Portal 2 – StreetSpecial Portal 3 – Bridge

Special Portal 4 – Rectifier: 2F

Special Portal 5 – Underground Dock (Above)

Special Portal 6 – Walkway

Secret Portal – Command Ship

Special Portal 1 – Rectifier 1FSpecial Portal 2 – StreetSpecial Portal 3 – Bridge

Special Portal 4 – Rectifier 2F

Special Portal 5 – Underground Dock (Above)

Special Portal 6 – Portal: Entrance

Secret Portal – Portal: Nucleus

Prankster’s Paradise

Special Portal 1 – Amusement ParkSpecial Portal 2 – Ocean DepthsSpecial Portal 3 – Cape

Special Portal 4 – Windup Way

Special Portal 5 – Trick Tunnel

Special Portal 6 – Circus

Secret Portal – Cape

Special Portal 1 – Monstro: MouthSpecial Portal 2 – Monstro: GulletSpecial Portal 3 – Monstro: Cavity

Special Portal 4 – Monstro: Belly

Special Portal 5 – Monstro: Intestine

Special Portal 6 – Monstro: Cavity

Secret Portal – Monstro: Bowels

Country of the Musketeers

Special Portal 1 – Mont St. Michel: AlleySpecial Portal 2 – CoastSpecial Portal 3 – Road to the Tower

Special Portal 4 – Monst St. Michel: Underground

Special Portal 5 – Musketeers Training Area

Special Portal 6 – Opera: Hall

Secret Portal – Opera: Hall

Special Portal 1 – Opera: LobbySpecial Portal 2 – Opera: Behind the HallSpecial Portal 3 – Machine Room[e

Special Portal 4 – Opera: Hall

Special Portal 5 – Opera: Hall

Special Portal 6 – Opera: Back Clearing

Secret Portal – Opera: Backstage

Symphony of Sorcery

Special Portal 1 – CloudwalkSpecial Portal 2 – TowerSpecial Portal 3 – Glen

Special Portal 4 – Precipice

Special Portal 5 – Fields

Special Portal 6 – Cloudwalk

Secret Portal – Precipice

Special Portal 1 – TowerSpecial Portal 2 – Moonlight WoodSpecial Portal 3 – Snowgleam Wood

Special Portal 4 – Golden Wood

Special Portal 5 – Moonlight Wood

Special Portal 6 – Snowgleam Wood

The world that Never was

Special Portal 1 – Avenue to DreamsSpecial Portal 2 – Contorted CitySpecial Portal 3 – Avenue to Dreams Special Portal 1 – Delusive BeginningSpecial Portal 2 – Walk of DelusionsSpecial Portal 3 – Verge of Chaos


Glitch notice

Please be advised when playing this game that once you complete it; get the completion save data and drop between Sora and Riku. That sometimes the special portals will glitch; resulting in Sora’s portals appearing in Riku’s worlds and vice versa.

This is can affect how you get the ‘End of Pain’ Keyblade and certain Dream Eaters where you need a specific ingredient; as for some worlds such as Pranksters Paradise Sora and Riku don’t have the same areas. All worlds have separate areas so this can mess up badly.

Until a patch is made; I recommend getting all the Dream Eaters you can and getting the ‘End of Pain’ Keyblade before completing the game; it may take a while and you have to drop a lot to get all missions done but it is worth it in the end; and stops you having to start the game again for those who want to 100% the game.

Also note that Secret portals are not affected at all by this glitch; just Special portals.

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