How to Get Orange Legendary Guns in Borderlands 2

In Borderlands 2 the Orange Legendary weapons are the most rare and in most cases super hard to find.  There are a few ways to get Legendary orange guns in this game some harder then others and you might even play through a whole game and never get a Legendary weapon.  We will also explain what we call rare weapon farming which we will explain below as well. 

So whats the big deal with orange grade weapons anyhow?  well rare weapons are of course rare, this means there are not a lot of them around and rare things are generally better right? well in this case that’s the truth.  Orange grade weapons have the highest quality components and are often quite unique in the type of fire power they produce, most of all in most cases they produce greater damage.

So lets get to it,  the first thing you want to do if you have already cycled through the game once is play in True vault hunter mode.  This is the mode that is unlocked when you finish the game once.  In true vault hunter mode the enemies all match up to the skill levels that you are at, generally in the 30 to 35 level range.  This help you out because when you are fighting harder enemies they tend to drop better loot as well you will increase XP faster to get to your level 50 goal.  After you complete True vault hunter mode you will unlock an even harder level called Play through 2.5 which increases every level of the game to 50.

1) Moxies Slot Machine
At Moxie’s in Sanctuary you can play the slot machine and if you hit all three borderlands you will get an orange gun,  this way is a total gamble and you can literally spend millions of dollars and never get one.  IE: this is probably not the area you want to concentrate on getting orange rarity guns.. but it is fun to play the slots once in a while.

2) Enemy Drops During Normal Game Play
Just waiting for enemies to drop loot and hoping for a rare gun.  This is easier in True vault hunter mode but again you can spend a long time trying to find one.   Not the best method but if you like the challenge then its still fun killing things.

3) Farming Bosses
Here is the easiest way to get orange Legendary weapons.  Its called boss farming and the boss we want to farm on is our good ol’ friend Handsome Jack.  The basics of this is to save at the check point before handsome jack and then keep beating up on him until he drops an orange weapon, if he doesn’t the first time then just quit and come back and fight him again.  You can literally keep doing this forever and get as many orange weapons as you want.  This method also works on other bosses as well that drop orange weapons.

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