Borderlands 2- My Mechromancer Skill Tree

Being the awesome guy I am, I have reached level 50 with all of my Borderlands 2 characters. Once I reach level 50, I respec over-and-over again until i find the perfect combination of skills for said character. Because I happen to be so awesome, i will now give you the best way to organize your skills for the Mechromancer (in my opinion). I will include a picture for a more visual idea of the set up.

This skill set up mainly focuses on health and shield maintenance and DeathTrap Strength. It gives Death Trap INCREDIBLE strength and will seriously ruin anything that dares to mess with you. Though this set mainly deals with the latter, it also gives you some leverage with guns as well (enough to get by at least.) I have played with this skill set extensively and it works WONDERS on the battle field. Enjoy

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  1. Very interesting. I actually just finished out my Mechromancer recently, and thought to maybe post a in depth guide for her. I see you went the route my friends and I spoke about on Xbox LIVE just yesterday.

    Complete focus on Deathtrap. I’m gonna re-spec mine from mostly focusing on “Little Big Trouble” to something probably similar to this.

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