Borderlands 2 Guide – How to Beat Handsome Jack & The Warrior

Borderlands 2 Guide – How to Beat Handsome Jack & The Warrior

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So our arch nemesis, Handsome Jack, the final Boss, is actually pretty easy to kill. And for some reason, The Warrior is also really easy to kill if you know how to do it, it just takes a little bit of time and patience for the most part to get through the whole thing. Once you know the process you can keep farming them for Legendary items and the huge amount of loot that the Warrior drops after you defeat him.  If you’re going to farm a boss, this is one to do it on; all you have to do is save at your closest check point called Hero’s Pass and just keep cycling through Jack and his little pet (quit, continue, buy ammo, repeat).

Defeating Handsome Jack

So Handsome Jack, not really sure if he is worthy of being called the end level boss, is more annoying to kill him then he is a threat.  I suppose this is mostly depending on what level you are at.  Anyhow, Handsome Jack, as you would expect, has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve. He has this really high grade invisibility cloak which, once activated, you actually cant even see him, not even a shadow or an outline.  You can kind of guess where he is by looking at the mini map but just keep moving and you should be fine.  Handsome Jack also uses quite a few number of clones, just kill them off as they do not re-spawn.  He also has some low grade plasma balls he shoots at you as well as some other junk that is all pretty short range stuff, basically the main idea here is get your biggest guns and break down his shields as soon as his shields are almost depleted he will do a “special” move which is to shoot out a large beam of some sort from both his arms, this can potentially knock you on your ass, so you should avoid it by hiding behind a beam or something if you are that close.  After his shields are depleted switch it up to anything with a Fire element and kill him off and at about 15% life he will summon The Warrior.

Defeating The Warrior

Well here is the thing,  I was going to write this long story about how to beat The Warrior “the most powerful creature Pandora has ever seen”.  Well this was probably the hope of the developers when The Warrior was created but alas he is to slow and mechanically I don’t think he adapts to the environment very well.  Basically all you have to do is find “a spot” in the area (there are many of them, I have included three youtube video’s below all different spots) grab your biggest gun with the most damage and just sit there and shoot at his weak points, most of the time you wont even take any damage killing him.  So where are The Warriors weak spots?  Heart, Mouth and Rib Cage with the Rib cage I find being the most easy to hit.  The Warrior drops a tonne of Loot so you will have to spend some time looking around at all the stuff he drops, just grab everything you can fit in your bag as you can sell it later.

Here are the videos that show different spots where you can just sit and basically kill The Warrior damage free:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


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