Borderlands 2 – Elemental Effects Guide for Guns

In Borderlands 2 there are a total of 87 bazillion guns.. or something like that some of them come with what they call Elemental Effects.  What is an elemental effect? Well it’s a gun that has special “Elemental” rounds that explode, burst into flames etc… and basically have an ability to do additional damage to the enemy however some enemies are immune to certain elemental effects.    There are a total of 5 types of elemental effects: Fire, Shock, Corrosive, Slag and Explosive we will explain them all below.


So how do you get guns with elemental effects? Its pretty simple really.. you find them in drops, get them as loot, challenges. rewards etc.. pretty much every gun maker out there other then Jakobs can have an elemental effect and guns from Maliwan “Always” have an elemental effect (even in white gun rarity level).  The other caveat is minimum character level you need to reach in order to get a elemental gun.


Element Minimum Character Level











Fire Element Gun Effect

Well this is what it is,  when you fire a round with “Fire” element it will basically light your target on fire causing them to burn and take more damage.  Most “Flesh” or “Organic” enemies will be hit the hardest with fire, the Robots etc.. will still take damage but not as much.


Shock Elemen Gun Effect

The shock element basically shocks the enemy for a while and may even stop or slow down the enemie for a bit.  The great thing about shock is it take out enemy shields quickly.


Corrosive Element Gun Effect

Ever watch aliens the movie when the green goo come out and basically melts anything it touches? Well this is basically what the corrosice element does.  As you can imagine corrosive element has a huge effect on organic matter and armor/metal robots etc..


Slag Element Gun Effect

Slag is basically some purple goo stuff that they introduced in Borderlands 2, on its own it might not do much but combined with other weapons it can deal a larger ammount of damage. (Basically combine Slag with the other elements to inflict more damage).


Explosive Element

Basically the only element you get to use from the get go.. these generalyl are rounds that explode on impact such as rocket launchers etc.. im not sure if we can say anything more about rocket launchers and explosive rounds other then they kick ass.

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