Assassins Creed III – Convoy Travel Times – Strategy Guide

Convoys in Assassins Creed 3 allow you to sell the resources and crafted goods you have produced via land and naval routes and make a lot of cash thanks for the Merchant Multipliers affect.  As you have already read from our Merchant Multipliers guide the fastest and most efficient way to make money is to trade through convoys based on what merchants are going to pay you the most money,  the second part of this is how long its going to take your convoys to get to each destination and additional destinations your convoys need to go to make the most efficient use of your convoys trips.

Travel time is going to become a very essential part of how you trade through convoys and when choosing what merchants you want to deal with at what multiplier level.  For example if your travel time to a store in Boston is only 12 minutes and the multiplier is 3 but a Store Multiplier to a store in the Virgin Islands has a multiplier of 6 but takes 42 minutes to get there then your really at 3.5 trips to Boston before you make one trip to the Virgin Islands.  Yes there is math involved in this game.. I bet you they didn’t tell you that when you bought it.

Convoys, Tips:

  • If your going to be going on a major story or memory then maybe a longer trip with a higher multiplier is a better choice, your not waiting around for convoys to be done at that point.
  • Complete all Privateer Contracts and Liberation missions to lessen the risk that your convoys will be attacked.
  • Taxes only affect Land convoys,  Regions under Templar control are 15% tax up to a maximum of 30% for Boston and New York but up to 45% for the Frontier.  If you Liberate all the forts early in the game it will allow you to make more money and profits later in the game.
Merchant Name Convoy Type Travel Time
Boston – Hancock’s store no. 5 Land 12
Boston – Elizabth murray’s Fineries Land 12
Boston – Child’s still house & Dry Goods Land 12
New York – Rhinelander’s Sugars Land 22
New York – De Lancy’s Import & Goods Land 22
New York – Van Brugh’s Spices Land 22
Frontier – The Walking Haberdashry Land 17
Frontier – The Milliners Wares Land 17
Frontier – Murdoch’s Barter Land 19
Lousibourg Naval 38
The Bahamas Naval 35
Saint-Augustine Naval 32
Virgin Islands Naval 42


First Destination Additional Destination Travel Time Added (Minuites)
Boston New York 12
Frontier 7
Frontier (Murdoch’s Barter) 9
New York Boston 2
Frontier 2
Frontier (Murdoch’s Barter) 2
Frontier Boston 2
New York 7
Frontier 2
Frontier (Murdoch’s Barter) 4
Frontier (Murdoch’s Barter) Boston 2
New York 5
Frontier 2
Louisburg The Bahamas 2
Saint-Augustine 2
Virgin Islands 6
The Bahamas Louisburg 5
Saint-Augustine 2
Virgin Islands 9
Saint-Augustine Louisburg 5
The Bahamas 12
Virgin Islands 2
Virgin Islands Louisburg 2
The Bahamas 2
Saint-Augustine 2

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