Assassins Creed 3 – How to Get Recruits & Strategy Guide

Connor can recruit up to six Assassin recruits throughout the game with a total of eight special abilities. Recruits are unlocked when you liberate districts of Boston and New york from the Templars. SO what does a recruit really do for you? You will use recruits to do certain jobs for you throughout missions such as backup, send your recruits on assignments, you can call your recruits to the battle field and you can even send your recruits to protect your convoys when they get attacked.

So how do you get recruites and at what Sequence? this is the easy part, all you have to do is Liberate Disctricts Boston and New York Starting in Sequence 6 Memory 2 as per the graph below. Also see the post on the Assassins Guild as written by Francesco De Meo

Ok so I know this is a how to get recruits strategy guide but just a note, if your going to use your recruits for the jobs I listed above you want to be able to level them up really quickly up the the Assassin ranking (that’s level 11). To do this call your recruits to the battle field as often as you can, they have a very quick cool down rate so they can come back and gain more XP. Once your recruits get to level 3 with this method (Assassin Sergeant Rank) start sending them on contracts and assignments to level up some more while you go and finish main story missions.

Recruit Name Recruit Unlocked at what level
Stephane Chapheau Sequence 6, Memory 2
Clipper Wilkinson Liberate Boston North
Duncan Little Liberate Boston South
Dobby Carter Liberate New York North
Jamie Colley Liberate New York West
Jacob Zenge Liberate New York East

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