Some more details on Super Mario Bros Wii U

Wii U is almost upon us and new details are coming in daily about the new Nintendo console and its launch titles. Today some small gameplay details on Super Mario Bros Wii U have been made public.

It looks like Super Mario Bros WII U is gonna be one of the biggest launch window titles for the new Nintendo console: it’s been a while since a Mario game was available on launch day for a home console and Nintendo has been doing everything to make the game a great one.
As already reported, a new character, Nabbit, was introduced some days ago: if Mario is able to catch him he’ll obtain the P-Acorn, turning him into a flying squirrel and gaining the ability to fly through the stage. Recent reports suggest that catching Nabbit won’t be too hard since he’ll stop more than once to taunt Mario if our plumber hero gets left behind during the stage.
Among the new features is the presence of at least three baby Yoshis, each with a different ability: blue baby Yoshi blows bubbles which can trap enemies, changing them into coins: purple Yoshi turns into baloons that let Mario fly when you shake the remote; yellow baby Yoshi illuminate a dark area and stuns ghosts using a blast of light.

Hype rising? That’s perfectly normal: good thing we won’t have much longer to get back into the Koopa kicking business!

Super Mario Bros Wii U launches on November 18, together with the new Nintendo Wii U



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