Secrets of Grindea Brings Old-School RPG Action to Steam Greenlight

Gamers who love classic J-RPG action will be charmed by Secrets of Grindea, an upcoming PC Indie from Pixel Ferrets that has just been Greenlit on Steam Greenlight.

Secrets of Grindea is an action-RPG that takes familiar elements from old-school role-playing games on classic platforms like SNES, blending bit-style graphics with nostalgic gaming sensibilities to deliver a memorable and unique gameplay experience.


Key features include:

  • Character Customization: Advanced skill trees allow you to customize your characters strengths and weaknesses. No level caps or specific classes, so the possibilities are limitless–and there are even a wide variety of visual options to further customize your character’s appearance.
  • C0-Op Support for up to 4 Players: Play with your friends in an epic adventure and challenge them to any of the many mini-games in the arena, or help each other in a difficult dungeon!
  • Deep Combat System: With an expansive combat system inspired by Zelda and Secret of Mana, Secrets of Grindea builds off of many combat elements included with these games but super-charges them with modern ideas.
  • Lengthy, Fantasy-Infused Story Arc: The game’s main story will take you across a sprawling fantasy world, through dungeons, villages, and the farthest reaches of Grindea. Many side quests and hidden quests will keep players busy hours after they finish the main quest.
  • Hundreds of Items: Players can hunt, craft, fish, or dig-up many useful tools, weapons, and accessories to build the ultimate character as well as enhance their skills.
  • Integrated Pet System: Take your very own pet along and venture across the dynamic world–you’ll never be alone in-battle with your trusty pet!

Secrets of Grindea is slated for a tentative release date sometime in 2013. For more information  on the game and the developers who created it, Pixel Ferrets, please visit the game’s official website, Facebook Page, or check out the game’s page on Steam Greenlight.

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