Scott Pilgrim And Double Dragon Neon Free For PS Plus

It’s a great time to be fighting fans because PlayStation Plus has your fix. Double Neon Dragon and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World will be joining the Instant Game Collection starting this week.

Double Dragon was talked about here recently, and for good reason. Double Dragon was a wildly popular brawler back in the day, and here it is again to all of its old fans and newcomers alike. Scott Pilgrim is a new, but still incredibly popular, side-scrolling brawler. Unfortunately I already own this title, but fortunately everyone who doesn’t and is a member of Plus will soon be able to for no extra cost.

PlayStation Plus members will also get the chance to check out JetSet Radio a week early. They can do it for a dollar less to boot! PlayStation Plus is full of great offers, and it’s never a bad time to join.

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