Rumors Indicate Xbox Durango and PS4 for 2013

Recently, we reported on Activision letting slip that “there will be another new console” coming out next year to challenge the Wii U. More rumours from Kotaku serve to add further credence to this idea. The website writes:

“If you talk to people about the next-gen games at, oh, I don’t know, a major gaming trade show or a major gaming awards show, the persistent impression given is that these new systems will be powerful.”

They go on to describe what they’ve heard about Microsoft’s next console, codenamed “Durango”:

“We’ve also heard that Durango is roughly as graphically capable as the second-most powerful PC on the market today, which, yes, is quite the indirect statement. The chatter we hear is that Durango and Orbis are close in power to each other or at least both in the same league past the current gen.”

Well it seems very likely that Durango will release next year, the release of the PS4 is, while feasible, still somewhat more doubtful:

“The vibe I get when I hear about Durango is that Microsoft is on the mark. Sony appears to inspire less confidence, though I’ve had a hard time nailing down why and discerning how much lost confidence is due to the on-and-off troubles of the PlayStation 3 and the struggles of the Vita vs. how much lost confidence is due to any problems looming for PS4. What I do know is that confidence is high that the next Xbox will be out in time for next Christmas. Confidence is less high that Sony will pull off the same feat, though they want to.”

To support this theory, Sony has recently revealed their desire to continue the PS3′s lifespan for two or three more years – while that doesn’t necessarily mean Sony won’t continue release PS3 games after PS4′s launch, it’s still an indicator that the company don’t seem to be in a rush to step into the next generation.

[Source: Kotaku via NeoGaf]

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