Rumor: A Capcom All Stars Fighting Game Incoming?

The Super Smash Bro series is one of the most appreciated Nintendo franchises, thanks to a simple but addicting formula, a fighter that’s really easy to play for newcomers and hard to master for veterans. The multiplayer mode in the series has also been praised for their variety and accessibility.

Now that the Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale game is out on Ps3 and PsVita, a game which tries to improve the basic formula introduced by Nintendo, starring characters from the most popular Sony franchising, it looks like fighting games experts Capcom are ready to jump on the Super Smash bro bandwagon.

A recently filed trademark in the United States shows that a “Fighters Of Capcom” game may be coming on consoles in the future: the trademark was filed on November 8 and no more information is available. Given the recent Capcom’s products we can expect a multi-platform release.

This game could really be big considering the huge roster that could get in; also, getting away from the usual beat’em up format could be a breath of fresh air for Capcom since their latest fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken didn’t do as well as it was expected because of balancing issues, bad gameplay choices and most of all the DLC characters on disc issue which most gamers really didn’t take too well.

More news will be coming in the next days as we await some concrete details from Capcom.

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