RaiderZ Open Beta launches

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that their free to play monster hunting MMORPG, RaiderZ has now entered open beta, meaning anyone could download and play it by heading to the official website. The game’s closed beta was very successful, with over 2,756,371 quests, 527,086 monsters killed, 70,896 characters created and a combined playing time of around 40 years.

The open beta brings along a ton of new content, including new regions, instances, monsters and rewards. The game’s official website lists RaiderZ’s key features as the following:

Exhilarating Combat

Enjoy a dynamic non-targeting combat system which will challenge even the most hardcore players. Try to stay out of your enemy’s range to avoid getting pulverised.

Gigantic Monsters

Fight against huge monsters, tear them to bits and use the pieces to your advantage in the next battle.


Collect parts from your enemies and turn their weapons against them. That could mean better gear for your character or even temporary buffs.

No Class Restrictions

No predefined character classes. Create a truly unique avatar by choosing your own special skill set from more than 350 talents.”

Mark Hill, Senior Producer on RaiderZ commented, saying that “The positive response from both players and critics alike to RaiderZ has been incredible. Today, we’d like to thank fans who’ve followed the development of the game and welcome everyone to join the RaiderZ Open Beta and explore the Kingdom of Rendel. This is just the first part of our commitment to provide a great experience for years to come.”

Head on over to the official website to sign up now.

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