PS3 is the top Netflix device in the world

PS3 is the top Netflix device in the world

Those that still don’t believe the PS3 is worth a purchase should take a second look, especially if you you like Netflix. Not only do you get a system that performs well, but it seems the latest and greatest plans for the Netflix service will be tried first on Sony’s PlayStation 3.

CEO Reed Hastings of Netflix mentions that soon it will be the only system to use what is being referred to as a “Max voice interface feature”. PS3 was also previously the first system to offer full-HD streams as well as 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus. You know what else is awesome? You enjoy this all and don’t have to spend an extra $60 to play online or use features such as Netflix.

“PS3 is our largest TV-connected platform in terms of Netflix viewing, and this year, at times, even surpassed the PC in hours of Netflix enjoyment to become our No. 1 platform overall.”

While it seems Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are all fighting to be the “entertainment in the living room” system of choice, this speaks well for the PS3. Did I mention you not having to pay an extra $60 a month just to play online? Stream movies you don’t have on Netflix on the number one platform to do it all, pay nothing for playing games online (unless you choose to pay for Playstation Plus) and watch 1080p Blu-Rays? Sounds like a deal to me.

[Source: Destructoid]

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