Pre-order Boxes for PC Version of GTA V Spotted at EB Games

Pre-order Boxes for PC Version of GTA V Spotted at EB Games

Retail boxes advertising pre-orders for a GTA V PC version have been spotted at an EB Games store by eagle-eyed Reddit user ‘Willomo’. We reported earlier that Rockstar’s Dan Houser had stated in an interview with IGN that Wii U and PC version of GTA V are “up for consideration” and this discovery may lend some more credence to the idea. Although this discovery obviously doesn’t¬†definitively confirm the existence of a GTA V PC version, if a big retailer like EB Games is advertising as such, there may be some discussions between Rockstar and them happening behind the scenes.

Keep in mind that Rockstar have a history of first releasing Grand Theft Auto games on consoles and then a couple months later releasing the game on PC – as such, it is generally considered an inevitability that a PC version will happen. For reference, GTA IV finally received a PC version around seven months after the console versions.

There is certainty good reason for Rockstar to release GTA V on PC. The GTA games possess a fairly large and passionate fanbase on PC, illustrated by the circulating petition entreating Rockstar to release GTA V on PC, and so can be expected to sell relatively well on PC. They also enjoy very active and dedicated modding communities post-launch which help to ensure consistent sales in the long run.

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