Pre-order Bonus Nuketown 2025 Map Pulled From Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

Despite being so thoroughly marketed as a pre-order bonus for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and undoubtedly fast becoming a fan favorite, the multiplayer map Nuketown 2025 will no longer be playable in the game’s multiplayer playlists. This means that the map will only have been playable for a week before being removed. Previously, the map had its own dedicated playlist, which was the only place it could be played, but now that playlist has been deleted, and seeing as the map will not be inserted into any other playlists, it seems to have effectively removed Nuketown 2025 from multiplayer.

Ironically, Nuketown 2025 is described in-game as the map which runs “24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we never close”.

The controversial decision was confirmed on twitter by Game Design Director David Vonderhaar “Double XP weekend is official over. That means Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 is as well. I know. RIGHT? Don’t kill the messenger.” The question arises about why, seeing as this tweet indicates that the developers knew it would not be a welcome change, it is happening at all.

Vonderhaar did note thatNuketown 2025 / 24-7 will be back for special events, which likely provides little solace for fans feeling shortchanged by the nullification of their pre-order bonus.

Perhaps providing a glimmer of hope, when asked if the map will ever show up in the multiplayer playlists again, Vonderhaar noncommittally suggested “Yeah. Probably eventually. We are talking that over internally.”

So if you want to play some Nuketown 2025 with friends this Thanksgiving, you’re going to have to invite them into a custom game to do so.

Did you pre-order Black Ops 2, and if so, do you feel disgruntled at all in the wake of this decision? Make your voices heard in the comments below.

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