Pokemon Black and Blue Edition Strategy Guide

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of PETA’s latest attempt at attention whoring, Pokemon: Black and Blue Edition. I’ve played it a couple times and I’ve gotta say that as far as idiotic propaganda goes, it’s pretty entertaining. Even if you absolutely hate disagree with PETA, but want to play the game, I can give you some tips to get through it a lot quicker and with your brain completely unwashed.

First Battle: Trainer Cheren

You start out the game as Pikachu, fighting against Cheren who can only be described as “anime drunk”. At this point you only have Pikachu at your disposal. The moves Pikachu can use are as follows:

  • Quick Attack
  • Thundershock
  • Protest (decreases enemy’s attack)
  • Group Hug (decreases enemy’s attack)
When fighting Cheren, you should start off with a Group Hug or two and just Quick Attack until you escape and rescue Tepig. A nice feature of this game is that you can give a nickname to the Pokemon you add to your party. I decided to name mine Euthenizer. His moves are as follows:
  • Tackle
  • Ember
  • Petition (causes damage)
  • Shame (decreases enemy’s defense)
You then have a short conversation with Nurse Joy #241 and go along your merry way.

Second Battle: Professor Juniper

Unlike Professor Oak, she couldn’t care less if you were a boy or girl.
 Professor Juniper is much stronger than Cheren. Although she has a pretty powerful Dissection attack, she’ll mostly use her perfume to reduce your accuracy. Thundershock isn’t very effective against her, so I suggest weakening her with Group Hug and then switching to Tepig for Ember. After beating her, you get Snivy, the first Pokemon ever to be so smug looking that you just want to strangle it. I think “Attention Whore” is an appropriate nickname. The moves he has are:
  • Wrap
  • Tackle
  • Bullhorn (confuses enemy)
  • Educate (raises defense)

Third Battle: Ghetsis

Next is Ghetsis. He’s strong, but nothing special compared to the rest. I suggest using Snivy against him. I used a combination of Wrap (it causes damage every turn) and Mega Drain (super effective against Ghetsis and replenishes Snivy’s health). You should beat him pretty easily and you’ll get Oshawatt, who I affectionately named “Self Righteous”. His move set is below:

  • Bubble
  • Tackle
  • Protein Shake
  • Recruit

Final Battle: Ash Ketchum

The last battle is against everyone’s favorite trainer, Ash Ketchum. Ash is the strongest of all the trainers. Expect to lost a Pokemon or two against him. After wearing him down with one of your weaker Pokemon, send out your newest buddy, Oshowallt. After you beef him up a couple times with Protein Shake Up, use Bubble against him. It’s super effective so it shouldn’t take long after that protein boost.

Well, that’s the game folks. In between battles you’ll find some treasure chests with gifts from PETA. Ignore them. They’ll just make you feel sad. If you want to help animals in need, please avoid PETA. Contact your local animal shelter instead and ask what you can do to help.


When Norbert isn’t forcing pocket monsters to fight, he’s blogging at The Late Night Gamer and its Tumblr.

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