Paper Mario Pop-Up Diner Will Celebrate Sticker Star’s Release

Nintendo has issued a press release for an upcoming launch event for Paper Mario: Sticker Star, according to GoNintendo.

It will be held in London at the “Breakfast Club” café in Spitalfields, which will be renovated and themed around the 3DS game next week on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (November 20 and 21).

Here’s the full press release:

NINTENDO is excited to announce that Paper Mario: Sticker Star is being brought to life this November, with the arrival of a special Paper Mario style pop-up diner in Spitalfields.

Paper Mario:Sticker Star is the first Paper Mario game to be launched in five years and is the first edition of the game to be made available on the Nintendo 3DS.

To mark the occasion, the distinctive world of Paper Mario, from corrugated cardboard landscapes to hologram stickers, will pop up in glorious 3D, with the help of the artist and designer Camille Walala. Her imaginative and quirky interior design will transform the ever-popular Breakfast Club café and bar in Spitalfields into a one-off diner experience based on the world of Paper Mario:Sticker Star.

From floor to ceiling, including walls, tables and chairs, placemats and staff uniforms, the diner will bring to life the game, including key characters, objects, stickers and other aspects of the Sticker Star world.

The diner will be open to the public and operate as usual, but with diners experiencing the special ‘paperised’ Mario take-over on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st November.

Paper Mario Pop-up Diner
At The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields
12-16 Artillery Lane
London E1 7LS

Open to the public:
Tuesday 20 November, 7:30am – 4pm
Wednesday 21 November, 7:30am – 11pm

Unfortunately there are no images to suggest at this time to suggest how it’ll appear, but hopefully someone going to the event will provide us with more info.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is out now in the US and Japan, and coming to Europe on December 7.

Any London-based Paper Mario fans planning to attend?

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