Ouya’s Impact on the Gaming Market

We have all heard about the upcoming Ouya which is the second highest earning Kickstarter. The Ouya will be an Android based console that will (according to Inc.com) partner up with OnLive to offer video games. The Ouya has also partnered with other big names such as Vevo to offer free video streaming to customers. The little curved box console developed by Boxer8, will have a very big impact on the gaming industry as we know it. With an introductory price of only $99, it is much cheaper than other systems such as the Xbox and even the Wii.

First off, the Ouya is one of the first consoles to run off of the Android operating system. I assume the OS will be heavily modified to suit gamer’s needs, but for now, we don’t have much info. The Ouya was introduced with some pretty good specs for the prototype, which will be more than enough to run OnLive. It also has many video game developers backing it too. Square Enix has agreed to bring Final Fantasy III to the Ouya as one of the opening titles, and the developers of XBMC have agreed to bring the XBMC application to the Ouya as well. It seems to me like the Ouya will be a perfect media station as well as a gaming console, which will definitely aid in sales.

The Ouya finished their Kickstarter campaign at $8,596,475, which is 904%  of their original goal of only $950,000. The campaign not only will raise awareness of the Ouya, but also for Kickstarter, so everyone wins in this situation. I believe with all the money they have to develop the Ouya, and the images and videos we’ve seen so far, Boxer8 will make a very huge impact on the gaming market with the Ouya.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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