Okami HD Impressions: Looks Better and Reasonably Priced

Upon looking around the site, I noticed a lack of Okami news. While I’m definitely no expert on the matter, being as I have not even played the game, it always struck me as a hidden gem people may not know about. On Oct. 30, the game was released in HD on PSN supporting up to 1080p resolutions and adding Playstation Move Support.


Priced at $20 and with trophy support, it’s the perfect time to get yourself in the beautiful looking world of Okami. This game was released for both the Playstation 2 and the Nintendo Wii later on. For new and old fans, there has never been a better time to try this out. I’d imagine the art style looks that much better presented in full-HD and is bound to be some real eye candy.

For some background on the game, you are essentially a god (although Okami when translated in Kanji means Wolf). The game is set in what could easily been seen as somewhere in Japan. The story is based on Japanese myths, legend and folklore. Amaterasu (the wolf you play as) is the one sent to save the land from the darkness that consumes it. Throughout your adventures, when you aren’t going from place to place, you use the Celestial Brush to do various things, such as spark new life into plants or create elemental effects. These portions are made that much more fun with the Playstation Move much like the Wii did back in 2008. If this all sounds appealing, you now get to do it all in the best version of the game to date.

Although it’s been some time since this has been released on PSN, it’s never too late to help spread awareness. You can pruchase and play Okami HD right now. My apologies for the lack of a better description, but here’s a trailer to perhaps convince you as well as a visual of how much better the game looks.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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