Nintendo Responds To Miiverse Hacking Issue

Companies and consumers both always expect, for a reason or another, that first run consoles may be defective or run into many types of problems but probably no one could have predicted that the Miiverse system included into the new Nintendo Wii U console could be hacked so easily. Nintendo has aknowledged the problem and spoke up about the incident.

Talking about “hacking” is surely an exaggeration since, as we reported yesterday, some Neogaf forums members were able to access a secret menu by simply pressing some buttons on the Gamepad: the administration options of the menu obviously didn’t do anything so no one was promoted admin overnight but the most interesting thing is that the users were able to read some developers messages regarding upcoming games on the console. When names like “Metal Gear Solid” and Yoshi’s Island Wii U pop up, news are sure to spread like wildfire.

Nintendo has commented today about the issue, stating that the debug menu has been removed promptly and that no damage was done to the integrity of the Miiverse system. And, of course, no comment on those two possibly upcoming titles.

Even though it was merely by chance, this whole situation in the end may do good for Nintendo: a heavy hitter like a Metal Gear Solid game would do great things for the just released Nintendo Console.


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