New Super Mario Bros U- Review

Genre: Adventure Game

Platform: WiiU

Developer: Nintendo EAD

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: November 18th 2012

Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad are with Princess Peach in Princess Peach’s Castle having dinner together. Bowser suddenly arrives in his Airship, with a giant mechanical fist, that smashes and launches the brothers and the Toads towards the Acorn Plains.

New Super Mario Bros U is the fourteenth game in the Super Mario Series, ninth game in the Super Mario Bros series, and fourth game in the New Super Mario Series. The game was initially developed as a E3 demo, called New Super Mario Bros Mii, and later was expanded into a full game.

Mario and his friends crash into the Acorn Tree, launching Super Acorns through the area. Mario and company then tumble out of the tree, passing a Bubble Baby Yoshi and Balloon Baby Yoshi, while they’re at it, and look into the horizon to see Bowser beginning a siege on Princess Peach’s Castle, setting the Mario Bros. and the Toads to go on a new adventure and save Princess Peach.

New Super Mario Bros U plays out like all the Mario games and that’s why the keep making them. The game reminds you alot of the older Mario games and what made them so fun to play. The new power up, the Super Acorn, is almost identical to the Raccoon Suit from Super Mario Bros 3. It allows you to fly around and reach those hard to reach coins and pipes. It’s also nice to see the return of World Maps, last seen in Super Mario World. There are 10 sections to the game, and the last 2 sections are only available after beating Bowser in the final fight.

To be honest, Mario games have not had a truly original storyline since the Super Mario Galaxy games. The New Super Mario Series has a storyline that reminds of the old games, it doesn’t have a very difficult story to follow. The story is basically Mario needs to make it back to Princess Peach and defeat Bowser. It’s not a hard story and it’s a familiar and enjoyable one but it’s not really original.

Mario has not looked better than in this game. The HD of Wii U really makes every single element of this game jump out at you. The cutscenes are done really well but there aren’t many cutscenes. Only the opening sequence has a cutscene and that’s about it for the game. However like I said before, the graphics are amazing. Even the graphics on the GamePad are very good and it’s nice to finally see Mario in HD.

The soundtrack to New Super Mario Bros U is very boring. Little to nothing was changed from New Super Mario Bros Wii, it sounds exactly the same. It’s nice to hear the familiar Underground Theme but that’s the only Mario song from older games that makes it’s way into this game.

New Super Mario Bros U is a great game and is totally worth getting. The game is shorter than older Mario games, and nowhere near as long as Super Mario World or the Galaxy series, but it’s a nice game to play. While the game needed to be expanded further and the storyline was unoriginal, this is the game to get with Wii U. It reminds you of the older side scrolling Mario games but now in HD. Nintendo says there is going to be DLC released for the game soon, which will be the first time DLC has been released for a Mario game on home consoles. Overall, if you want a game you and your family could play together, Mario is still the best.


  • Same old Mario, same great gameplay
  • Mario in HD has never looked better
  • The Return of the World Maps
  • Many references and imports from older Mario Games


  • Storyline is unoriginal
  • Game length is kinda short

STAR RATING: 9 out of 10

New Super Mario Bros U was released on November 18th on Wii U and is available in stores now. It is rated E for Everyone.

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