New Super Mario Bros. U: New Character Revealed

The New Super Mario Bros. series has been a welcome return to an awesome for the 2D Mario franchise, but despite the title there’s been little that’s “new” about it. Almost all of the themed worlds, characters and enemies, albeit beautifully-animated with updated graphics, have been the same as those in the original NES games.

So its nice to see a new foe in the latest instalment, New Super Mario Bros. U. Nabbit is a new thief enemy who will appear from the world map to steal from Toads. If you manage to catch the speedy blighter, you’ll be awarded the powerful P-Acorn power-up that allows you to fly without limit throughout a stage.

You may notice that Nabbit’s bandana has a striking resemblance to that of Bowser Jr’s in Super Mario Sunshine. Coincidence, or is this in fact Bowser Jr. up to his disguising mischief once again?

[Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK]

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