New Super Mario Bros 2 – Mario Power Ups Guide

In New Super Mario Bros 2 there are many of the same Mario power ups that you are have seen in past Mario Brothers games such as Mini Mario, Small Mario (the normal Mario you start with in every game), Super Mario (or Super Mushroom Mario), Fire Mario, Raccoon Mario.  However with this new release we see one new variations of the Mario Transformations which is the Gold Mario this transformations serve a unique and very desirable new feature of the Mario game series.  A couple power ups returning from past games are White Raccoon Mario (White Tanooki Mario as seen in Mario Land 3D) and our favourite from past DS Mario Brothers games, Mega Mario. 

Small Mario

This is the default Mario that everyone start with at the beginning of the game, his abilities are the same as Super Mario form where he can stomp on enemies but basically one hit and he is out of commission.

Mini Mario

You can achieve this transformation by using a Mini Mushroom.  Mini Mario isn’t much of a fighter as jumping on enemies heads generally doesn’t do anything, however he does have some very unique and useful abilities.  In mini Mario form you can run on water, jump for very long distances and float through the air and go through mini pipes.  Be careful though as in past Mario Brothers games only one hit and this version of Mario is pretty much done.

Super Mario

You can achieve this transformation by acquiring a Super Mushroom power up (the Red one).  In this form Mario has basically all the same attacks and features as small Mario except the fact that he can sustain a single hit, the only downfall to that is he converts back to Small Mario when his happens.

Fire Mario

 Achievable when you acquire a Fire Flower power up, in this transformation Mario has the ability to throw fireballs at enemies and defeat them.  It takes three damages to Fire Mario to defeat him as the first damage transforms Fire Mario back into Super Mario and then to Small Mario if hit again.

Super Star Mario

In this form Mario becomes invincible for a short period of time being able to defeat any enemy he touches.  This transformation is achievable by acquiring the Super Star power up.

Mega Mario

 This form is achievable when you acquire a Mega Mushroom power up.  Mega Mario is basically un-defeatable and when you are in this form he can defeat any enemy and break down any bricks, obstacles etc.. (when you get to this form you usually dash as fast as you can to break as much as you can).  This transformation of Mega Mario lasts only for a short period before he turns back into Super Mario.

 Gold Mario

This is a brand new transformation for Mario that we have not seen in previous games.  This Transformation is achievable by obtaining a Gold Flower power up.  In this mode Gold Mario has the ability similar to Fire Mario except when he throws fireballs they are golden fireballs.  When a golden fireball hits an enemy or a brick they turn into a coin.

White Racoon Mario

This is another new transformation for Mario and is achievable by collecting the Invincibility Leaf power up.  This transformation for Mario can only be obtained by losing a level 5 times in a row but gives you basically invincibility where you cannot be defeated in this level.  There is only one drawback to this form being that any level you finish with White Raccoon Mario doesn’t count towards your star rating.

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