New Super Mario Bros 2 – Guide new enemies and power up items

Here is the first of multiple guides that we will release on the New Super Mario Bro’s 2 for Nintendo 3ds.  With the object of this game to collect as many coins as possible Nintendo has release a multitude of new characters and Items to help you along the way (and yes of course Princess Peach is captured.. don’t want to forget to rescue her).

New Characters (enemies).

There are some new enemies in the Mario world including Bone Goomba, Bone Piranha Plant (regular sized and BIG sized) as well as other characters within the game.  These new enemies are there to make your life harder so either avoid them or crush them.  Now the main enemies that we want to talk about are not actual enemies per say.. you can get killed by them but they provide bonus coins many of them come after you stomp them or simply simply let them work as they normally do.  For example is gold bullet bill that creates a trail of coins as he flies through the air and when you defeat a Gold Piranha Plan a fountain of coins erupt from its empty pipe.  Keep in mind that these enemies can still harm as their normal not gold versions would so you dont get to carried away.

  • Gold Goombas – stomp them and recieve a coin
  • Gold Koopas – throw them and each enemy they knock out will earn you an additional coin
  • Gold Bros – Instead of throwing hammers they throw coins
  • Gold Piranha Plant – defeat one and a stream of coins shoot out of its pipe
  • Gold Cheep Cheep – as it moves through the water it drags a trail of coins behind it
  • Gold Boo – as gold boo flees he leaves a trail of coins
  • Gold Big Boo – as gold big boo flees he leaves a huge trail of coins
  • Gold Bullet Bill – as he flies through the air he leaves a trail of coins
  • Gold Bansai Bill – as he flies through the air he leaves a huge trail of coins
  • Gold Lakitu – Instead of throwing spiky balls he throws coins, if you take his cloud as you ride it through the air it will generate more coins.

* Tips: Find a gold ring to convert any enemies within the screen to gold version enemeies

 Power up items

Apart from the standard power up items that you would expect from all Mario games such as the 1-up mushroom, super mushroom fire flower, super star and mini mushroom Nintendo has added a few new items as well as brought back some of the classic items from past Mario Brothers games:

  • Super Leaf – Turns Mario into Racoon Mario
  • Mega Mushroom – Turns Mario into Mega Mario


  • Gold Mushroom – in the rush game mode all 1-up mushrooms are replaced with these gold mushrooms that provide 50 bonus coins.
  • Gold Flower – Transforms Mario into Gold Mario and when you use the “gold fireball” it turns any bricks and enemies into gold coins (as seen in the original New Super Mario Bros 2 trailer from Nintendo)
  • Invincibility Leaf – Transforms Mario into White Raccoon Mario (if you fall or “die” 5 times in one level you will get this leaf and become invincible)

New Items

  • Gold Block – Hit a repeating coin block enough times and it turns gold, getting stuck on Mario’s head. Run as fast as possible with this block attached and watch the coins add up at super speed.
  • Roulette Coin Block – the block will cycle through a bunch of numbers and when you hit the block it will display the number of coins you will receive.
  • Gold Ring – Hop through a gold ring and all enemies will turn into gold for a short time, yielding more coins and coin-producing behaviors. Flying Cheep-Cheeps will have a trail of coins, Gold Lakitus will toss coins from the sky, and more. 

That’s it for this guide, if there is anything missing or you want to see more in this particular guide please leave us a comment below!  Much of this specific guide is available through the Official site but guides to come will be released as we play through the game.

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